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There's been a lot of discussion the past few years about the negative effects food processing has on our bodies. We believe one of the major reasons so many of these issues have become so prevalent, is because people have lost touch with how their food is made, and what is actually IN the food they eat. In an attempt to get back in touch with our culinary roots, we're offering cooking classes to anyone looking for a hands-on learning course without dedicating your career to it!


Jessica's Basics of Fermentation

Tuesday June 7th, 2016 @ 6:30PM in the N7 Creamery Lounge 

During our two hour interactive class you will learn: 

- Why the phytic acid and other "anti-nutrients" in commercial bread may be causing your gluten intolerance and what to do about it.

- To make easy, family friendly, fermented foods at home and increase your daily probiotic intake for pennies per day.

- How to utilize seasonal foods and preserve them to eat all year without special equipment

The recipes that will be demonstrated are: 

- Sourdough Starter

- Three kinds of Sourdough Bread

  •    Country White Baguette 
  •    Country Wheat Crown
  •    Multi-grain Sandwich Loaf

- Overnight Sourdough/Spelt Pancakes 

- Whey for fermentation 

- Sauerkraut 

- Probiotic rich Ketchup 

Your $48 registration will include a booklet of all the recipes covered, a sourdough starter, and samples of all of the recipes to take home! If for any reason you decide to change your mind or cannot attend, please email with your name and number.

Please sign up by Wednesday May 27. Space is limited! 

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