Employment Opportunities


For our store associates, we offer:

Great Benefits

Because each N7 Associate is important to us, we start all new hires at a minimum of $9.50 per hour. Our commitment to a higher starting wage is just one of the ways in which we show our Associates how valuable they are. Another way is through offering excellent part-time and full-time benefits like flexible schedules to accommodate school and other activities, paid vacations, free meals, and comprehensive training.

Great Opportunities

The N7 work environment is team-oriented, fast paced and fun. We encourage all of our N7 Associates to grow with the company, to become part of our success story. That's why your success is ours!

We support our Associates by providing an ongoing training program. 

As our company grows we intend to develop all of our managerial personnel from our hourly Associate levels.

Where We Are Hiring

We're always looking for great people. To find out more about store level opportunities near you, follow the links below:

Rancho Cucamonga

Barista - All of our front of the house associates who make and serve coffee drinks as well as associates who make and serve ice cream are given the title of barista. In Italy the word barista means "person working behind a bar." Barista's are the face of our company and the role requires an outgoing, friendly and engaging personality.

Pastry Cook -  N7 combines three emerging and hot trends together in one setting, made to order artisan ice cream, artisan baked goods and specialty coffee. Each product must be produced to the highest standards as defined by our company. Our pastry cooks will play a major role in establishing the mark others will shoot for.  N7 is looking for skilled and passionate pastry cooks who value the use of quality, fresh, and wholesome local ingredients.

Kitchen Assistant  - The kitchen at N7 is a busy place and is the hub of much of the product creation process. Our Ice Cream and Pastry Cooks will be busy creating amazing products for our patrons. The Kitchen Assistant will play an important supporting role to our cooks. For some this role will also be a launch pad to the Pastry Cook role.

Dishwasher  - One of the cornerstone positions at N7 is that of the Dishwasher. This role provides clean pots, pans and serving equipment to both the kitchen staff and the front of the house. This role requires attention to detail, dedication to quality and a high level of efficiency.