Our Bakery

Life Itself is the Proper Binge
— Julia Child

A Little About Our Bakery

 Running a bakery is a difficult task. There is very little reward for the work it takes to observe wholesome food practices when taking on the tasks of sourcing natural flour, adhering to consistency of quality, and baking absolutely everything fresh every day, but N7 believes it’s worth it. Our goals are similar to those for the ice cream: all natural, always fresh, always excellent. Everyone who works in our bakery is fanatically dedicated to the meticulous process of creating not just baked goods that are tasty, but that embody the philosophy that drives us: REAL food, made passionately by real people, will top anything else. They work difficult hours, scrabble to find the more wholesome ingredient, and fight against a barrage of contradictory advice from the baking world, all to bring you what we think a 'good' bakery entails. It’s the dedication and hard work of everyone making your food that constitutes the difference.