Our Coffee

At N7 we grind, brew, and serve our coffee one cup at a time in order to craft something special for our customer, literally building it from the ground up (pun intended).  This process generates questions, conversation and eventually relationships which also allows us to share some of our knowledge with our customers. For example, did you know that coffee loses much of its flavor and aroma just 90 seconds after it has been ground; and it only takes a week for most of the oils and flavor notes to have deteriorated after roasting? That is a pretty compelling reason to get your coffee prepared as fresh as possible!  

“I believe coffee should be prepared one cup at a time and consumed right away, no matter what technique you choose”
— James Freeman - Founder, Blue Bottle Coffee

A Little About Our Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee is very similar in characteristics to quality wine.  Where it is grown, the condition it's grown in, when it is harvested, how it is harvested and how it is processed dramatically affect the coffee bean that is used to make your coffee and its flavor when it is poured into your cup. However, that is just the beginning, how it is roasted makes the biggest impact on the final product. Artisan coffee roasters specialize in this process and work long hours to bring out the fullness and richness of the coffees they roast.

The coffee our parents grew up drinking consisted mostly of blends made of Robusta coffee beans mixed with a small amount of Arabica beans and then roasted together in large automated roasting systems. While this produces a fairly consistent flavor and aroma it does very little to produce a truly interesting and distinct coffee. Then some 20 years ago, small roasters began to crop up in the United States. Roasting began to be an art rather than an automated process. Artisan roasters are now spend hours roasting, testing (cupping) and then roasting again to find the sweet spot for each coffee. While blends are sometimes still used because of the comforting consistency they provide, single origin coffees have begun to dominate the specialty roasting market. Single origin coffees offer a one of a kind experience with rich flavors and distinct aromas that remind you of things like wild fruit, oak barrels and dark chocolate. 

We have chosen to primarily source from Arcade Roasters in Riverside because of their dedication to enriching the human experience by inspiring others to create shared moments, relationships, and a sense of belonging for all.

If you'd like to learn more about Arcade, Coava, or Coffee in general, talk to one of friendly baristas who are super excited to share anything they can with you!