Our Ice Cream

When we decided to take on the challenge of reinventing the ice cream parlor we knew we would have to rethink everything. Our goal was to show people, though a familiar American classic, that REAL food can stand for itself, which is why our ice cream base only has four ingredients: milk, eggs, cream, and sugar. So many companies make their ice cream chock-full of unpronounceable additives ranging from artificial flavorings to chemical preservatives, and excessive amounts of sugar to force your brain to taste what they want you to taste. Not N7.  As far as flavors go, everything is created based on local seasonal availability, the idea being that the delicious produce that so many farmers in our community put so much effort into will shine through and show people REAL food is good food. It's difficult work balancing fresh locally sourced ingredients and the inherently limited shelf life of our product, and it's only through flash freezing with nitrogen that this is possible. As the cornerstone of our company, our ice cream is guaranteed to be the freshest, most premium ice cream available anywhere in the country. 


A Little About Our Ice Cream

N7’s ice cream is created using a mixture of innovative culinary techniques, healthy ingredients and a modern liquid nitrogen process which allows us to make the ice cream to order. N7’s guests get more than the world’s best ice cream. Our guests get a chance to observe the creation process from beginning to end. The ice cream, which is pasteurized in own clean room, is made right before their eyes in a spectacular and entertaining fashion. N7 uses liquid nitrogen to flash freeze our French custard ice cream bases transforming them from a liquid to a smooth and creamy frozen treat in a matter of seconds.

Nitrogen which makes up approximately 78% of the air we breathe is stored in a compressed liquid state at approximately -325°. Once the Liquid Nitrogen is exposed to the atmosphere during our ice cream creation process it evaporates spectacularly into large billowing clouds. To some it looks like magic; to those in the know, its culinary science at its best.

N7's made to order process allows us to create flavors unlike anything you will find at a traditional ice cream stand. Flavors like Maple Bacon ice cream, one of our fan favorites, and Mascarpone Cheese with Lavender Infused Organic Honey. Our process also allows us to use fresh ingredients like fresh strawberries, pumpkin and oranges. Our Strawberry ice cream uses strawberries picked no more than 72 hours before it is served.